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Article - Fields Page

Create an Article for each singular entity within the realm of your creation. Articles are the building block of a world and act as an extensive encyclopedia page detailing everything you can think of about a person, place, monster, or what-have-you!

Category - Fields Page

Organize your Articles into Categories. Articles in a Category all share the same set of information Fields. You can create more Categories and edit the Fields they possess at any time.

Article - Connections Page

Map out relationships between your Articles using Connections. In a Connection between two Articles, you can describe each Article’s role in relaton to each other, as well as include a long-form description describing the nature and history of the relationship.

Snippet Page

Need to add unique information to an Article that doesn’t fit into any of its Fields? Snippets have you covered! Use them to write long-form text pertaining to an Article, like a speech, a diary page, a song — the possibilities are endless!

For Developers

World Scribe 2 is an open-source project licensed under the GPLv3.

To contribute, please check out the source code repository.

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